Express Crypto Faucets
probably my tried and true when it comes to fauceting i go here everyday 

dutchy autofaucet
I come here from time to time nice place to grab crypto

dutchy express auto

This one pays out directly to expresscrypto

 I think this maybe a newer one but it pays out a large amount and withdraws directly to expresscrypto


This is another autofaucet that pays out directly to expresscrypto they have multiple autofaucets they’re a little jumpy so you’ll have to check them from time to time and i seem to run into an issue if I’m running to many of their auto faucets at once but kool spot none the less


Has a kind of small payout but withdrawal is quick and easy you can send your crypto to express crypto from here also nice little autofaucet we got here kind of hard to get claim point though but that’s really my only complaint 300 claim points gets you 1 round of claims that equals out to 40 claims 






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