This is my honest review of coinbase and my personal experience with it so far

   Coinbase is one of the best places to buy crypto currency with your credit card. As I delve farther into the crypto world I’m learning over and over that its not only fairly expensive, the rates or should I say the rapes are high as hell. With coinbase you can buy crypto with any amount of money you want if you want to buy a dollar of Ethereum you could. Where as most people in the crypto world wouldn’t buy crypto for though that would or if we had to buy coinbase is probably one of the best places. May sound strange to some but coinbase is accessible to americans and the state of new york or better yet state prison of newyork.

   So be careful you never know what may happen in the future but for investors who want to get a stake in the crypto game and want to save their crypto for the long run you could always buy it on coinbase and send it to your personal home wallet. We’ll be going over some of my favorite home wallets and micro wallets in the future so make sure you come back if this post interested you. Back to the subject at hand, Coinbase doesnt have the most amazing transfer rates but at least its not as bad as buy in price for other exchanges.

   Now when it come to exchanges coinbase has a more intuitive prospect of their site its called coinbase pro i haven’t had a chance to actually trade on coinbase pro yet but im looking forward in to doing so. It look pretty clean nice charting set pretty easy to use if your new to a crypto exchange it may be a little large for you i would tell you try somewhere a little smaller with a little less volatility. Something like mintme the move up to something like stex. It’s plenty of great alternatives when it comes to exchanges seem like a pretty good exchange to go with. Ill be doing a in-depth review on coinbase pro soon. 

Whether you use the exchange or not Coinbase is still a great place to come grab a couple of quick dollars. Just for signing up with my link click here to join you could get $10.00 in stellar lumen. Along with that you could answer questions about key currencies chosen by coinbase. On coinbase you can currently collect $10 worth of stellar lumen, $5 worth of Zcash, and $6 worth of algo. Why not go claim a free $31 for 15 minutes of your time.


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