Considering I’m just getting back into swing trading I figured it would be a good idea to see if its any fresh prospects to mess around with. Then i happen to come across Ideanomics (idex) and it immediately caught my eye. I felt the need to go a little farther on this one then just watching the ranging of a chart and looking at their investors page. Even though their investors page is nice and give alot of information about what Ideanomics is about and their future goals, It’s still a bit to be desired.

   A couple month ago Ideanomics seemed to have ran into some legal troubles. With people calling them a fraud and pump and dump company. I dont think thats the case. This maybe a long hold of the century, seems to be a great buy at $1.18 right now and from closing a little over a $1.00 fridays session. ALong with that Ideanomics didnt have a shabby week last week moving from around $.78 to $1.00 is a pretty big move for a penny stock. This one may move out of penny stock territory very soom though.

   Ideanomics current projects has alot to with e-commercial vehicle and their most recent investment fintech. There’s isnt a complete link but i believe Ideanomics helped out with the GTBank during their movement from africa to being know as more of a world bank with Ideanomics blockchain focused technology to make money transfer a easier thing, more then likely help GTBanks internet integration. Ideanomics also deals with digital asset investment.

   What i find interesting about that is Ideanomics could be a large crypto investment firm in the future. After all crypto is the future wouldn’t be a bad idea getting some type of stake in the crypto game now while its still fairly obscure. Ideanomics could be a stock that someone who wants to invest in crypto currency, blockchain technology, and ai could easily and cheaply put their money into. My opinion definitely a long hold, but this is just my opinion and I’m not an analyst. This isn’t investment advice invest at your own risk.

currently sitting at $1.18

Sometimes theres different prices for different brokers heres a price comparison for some I use and you may use…







prices recorded at 3:49 pm 11/16/2020

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