When it comes to trading technical analysis could make or break you, its of course other factors but no matter how brave you are just randomly putting in a trade could have you in a world of trouble. So I use tradingview to plan my trades, A good or great trading plan will make you money as long as you fresh your plans out and stick to them. On tradingview you can watch many different assets all in one place the only other place i know of at this point that’s possible at is webull.

Tradingview’s line of perspective is helping me alot on this journey to becoming a profitable trader maybe one of the best if i stick to it. Which i will so i could keep giving you guys great post to read. Back to tradingview if you want to make money in the market no matter the market you personally trade traderview could be a great tool. The stock market charts look a little choppy sometimes in smaller time charts but you have to remember stock charts will have alot of gaps during the week from days changing meaning the market closing and after hours and premarket trading.

The overall view of  the traderingview trading tool could put you ahead, Ive persoanlly noticed stock market indiscrepancies between brokerages and trading view can show exactly where the markets going do to tradingview moving a bit faster then the platform you’re trading on. If you trade on TDameritrade and you plan on tradingview youll notice tradingview makes market movements faster then TDameritrade does. Giving you a bit of a look into the future compared to what’s going on, on that specific brokerage. So far I haven’t found another (what we call in the crypto markets) indiscrepancies.

Knowing how the market is going to move compared to how its moving is an amazing advantage to use opposed to a calculated guess, And every trader knows to use any thing possible to give them a better chance at making a good dollar in these markets we play in. Even though it may sound a little wild that something like that can happen in a modern market like what we live in right now, Connectivity is still a fairly new technology. With that being said there is another fact that different brokers set their assets at different prices. Use all this to your advantage like i said a trader uses every piece of information to their advantage, And i urge you to study this indiscrepancy for at least a week just to see what im saying and study more places that you can do this

Its alot of money in taking advantage of what’s given to you Im not going to pass up the chances that are given to me why would you. Now tradingview has  free services but they really shine when you pay the money to get at least the basic package. If youre vigilant with your trades you’ll make your money back in no time. Literally anything i want to look at i can my favorites stock NYMT,IDEX i look at on tradingview. My favorite pairings and crypto currencies i can easily track on tradingview with Realtime market movement one of the best investments I’ve made so far in my trading career aside from education.

I’ll continue using tradingview and keep giving you guys updates if anything changes but my view on this awesome trading tool tradingview is you should definitely check it out whether you’re a new trader or a veteran. A great way to track to market and get notifications on position openings while you’re not looking at the charts. You know unless you’re like me and watch charts all day and night. Don’t be to much like me get some rest, either way what ever your skill level or experience level tradeingview could be a great tool for you.



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