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Alot of people has heard of robinhood for trading stocks. Overall its not a horrible place to trade at. I dont personally know how well options are there but i also havent heard anything great about it, Feel free to comment on the post and tell me how you feel about options trading on robinhood. I’m not a big fan of robinhood personally lost money because of the platform glitching. Although it was change compared to what other people lost but either way a loss of capital is a loss of capital. Especially when you’re account is up over double in capital.

100% gain on your capital sounds amazing, funny thing is earlier this year alot of traders tasted great victory. But not robinhood users. Now I’m not trying to bash robinhood, But not being able to handle large valume of users trading at the same time is a problem. Despite that im going to go check out robinhood again after 3 months of not using the platform. Mainly to see if they got better with their services, maybe swing trade over there again.

Although it maybe better platforms to trade on at a beginners point of view its good. And ill say robinhood is a great platform for beginners and if you want to start its easy to get started there. the charts are fairly clean to look at and they offer all the standard time frames nothing more nothing less. you can easily execute trades opening and closing. Well closing trades could be an issue sometimes, but if your not working with a large amount of money and just learning how to trade or invest(its a difference) shouldn’t be to big of a problem. I liked robinhood when i first started looking at the stock market but when i started getting an eye for investing i felt robinhood wasnt the best platform for a long term investment.

Not to mention crypto! i saved this one for last. The bullshit ass tom foolery they play with the crypto numbers game is trash. Don’t ever try to by crypto over there because your not buying crypto your buying movement. Fuck buying movement go somewhere you can actually buy crypto or trade somewhere you can open a margin account with crypto pairings. I will have a post about some places in the future you can purchase, claim, store your crypto at. Just dont mess around with that shitty numbers game robinhood is playing over there if you would like to learn crypto come by here im more then willing to personally talk to you and teach you as much as i learn we can learn together. Crypto currency is a digital asset when you buy it you can move your crypto, store it, or even trade it amongst other crypto enthusiast, something you can’t do on robinhood. Now i repeat if you ever thought about it dont do it like i said its better place where you could purchase actual crypto like
coinbase Sorry for the rant at the end but thats my robinhood review tell me if you want to know more here’s my referral link if you would like to join robinhood click here to join not a super big fan but great for beginners. Leave a comment on the post tell me what you think of robinhood and keep checking back for more reviews, links, analysis, and just a overall kool environment and remember don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the post I’m more then happy to here from you.

i almost forgot to tell you guys the best reason for join robinhood reather you trade or not… free money. when you join on my link click here to join you get a free stock for joining. It gets better when you join you can get a friend to join through your referral link and you both get a free stock. So now you got two free stocks pretty awesome hah?!

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