Have you heard of webull yet, well its a fairly new platform you could trade stocks and other assets on. Webull has a very clean yet intricate trade interface, I personally like the intricacy of the dash board and trade P&L. I have to admit Webull’s dash board looks confusing and it may make you shy away from the app or the web platform. But don’t let Webull’s confusing set up discourage you if you take the time to learn the interface that’s presented to you on Webull youll find its very put together and rewarding.

The amount of control you have over your trades is great. You could easily put in stop and limit orders and the market orders are filled fairly quickly and accurate to the current ask price of the stop your buying. Not to mention i havent had the same issues with glitching on Webull like Ive experienced on robinhood. Webull’s best feature is their watchlist, even if you decide to not trade on Webull its still great for a watch list. Along with having a clean watch list layout (atleast in my opinion) the stock charts are very detailed.

 stock charts are very clean and clear, they have a detail that i haven’t seen on any other stock charts aside from forex stock chart. Quite honestly its probably the next best thing to from tradingview that I’ve seen in my journey so far. Webull also offers a plethura of assets you could watch unfortunately you cant trade every asset you could put in your watch list here. Maybe in the future, I just found out you could open a margin account sorry if I’m late I’m just getting back into stocks its been a couple months. Don’t worry i still know how to choose one im not just put here losing money lol, but back to Webull. The margin accoount may open up the ability to foreign exchange trade on the Webull web platform.

But its likely for opting trading which is one more thing Webull has to offer. Another thing Webull has to offer is demo accounts Webull used to have a contest every week where you could trade wit your demo account and the top person won $300 the 2nd and 3rd position got prize money to along with that anyone who made 3% or more on their demo also got incentitives to come back and try again next contest. There’s a social section on Webull its not hard to use i never really got to interested in it bit its there. What did interest me is Webull’s signup incentive 2 free stocks for signing up and thats not including the free stock youll get from my referral link webull.com/join and get free stocks. You’ll get a stock for signing up though my referral link, and two stocks when you deposit $100 or more.

Hoping Webull doesn’t do the same thing with crypto that Robinhood did. If you haven’t read my robinhood review robinhood has crypto thats not actually crypto robinhood shouldnt be able to get away with it, But if Webull follows suit we know robinhood started a ugly trend. Hopefully Webull has more moral then to sell people numbers on a screen instead of the actual asset they’re trying to purchase. WEBULL HAVE A SOUL IF YOUR GOING TO HAVE CRYPTO MAKE IT AN EXCHANGE WITH A WALLET AND NOT SOME ROBINHOOD BULLSHIT!

Overall i like Webull and going to keep trading over there. Ill be writing another review on Webull after they add crypto currencies. My opinion is if you’re new Webull isn’t for you unless you naturally just have a knack for reading charts but even so with the stresses of learning how to trade its hard to want to continue on when you don’t know how to use the platform. For the traders looking for a place to trade most things on the largest world exchanges with the amount of technical analysis you can do your on your charts right on the web platform its a formula for success. I would recommend Webull for experienced traders and steer away new prospects until theyve been in the game for a little bit of time.

Thats my honest opinion on Webull stay tuned it may change depended on how they handle crypto currencies and dont forget to sign up to Webull through my link click here to join for a free stock

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